Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Ariel Pink dragged off the street, forced to do Schnitzel Boogie!

Ariel Pink must have been particularly hungry! Here he is on Food Gold, hosted by Elliot Aronow, quite possibly the most dull, unplanned piece of cooking programming I have ever set my eyes upon...Ariel stays true to his lyrics, but no lettuce onion or tomato, nor does any bread come his way. Fucking hell, talk about unplanned! I think this guy just happened to have a camera and was wandering down in SoHo and saw Pink and forced him into a kitchen where he knew some guy that had some food on hand. I mean, shitstains! A schnitzel should at least be pork! i know ariel is a jew (last name: Rosenburg) but come on, he doesn't sing 'i'm eating chicken schnitzel.' 
Being the truly wise man he is, he eats half the thing then exits kitchen door right like he truly doesn't give a fuck! Brilliant!. Then host Elliot, in bombast hipster form, gives props to the chef and talks ad-lib into the camera with a mouth full chicken. Stick with the music!

Here are the lyrics:
"mmmhhh, I'd like a Double Dell Burger: hold the cheese, hold the pickle, and the ketchup and the sauce--lettuce, tomatoes and onions only please. That's right.Would you rike cheese?lettuce, tomatoes and onions, only...Ah okay."Listen to Schnitzel Boogie Here.

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